Speaking at AstriCon 2010! Come see my talk! :)

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. We’ve been hard at work on the next version of the Asterisk book, which is shaping up to be the best book ever written on Asterisk. The scope and detail we’re working towards is ambitious, but will be very much worth it. Of course the book will be focused on the upcoming Asterisk 1.8 releases (which was recently branched and betas are now available for testing! Read On →

Installing the Asterisk Test Suite

In case you missed it, I wrote an introductory article about the Asterisk Test Suite on the Asterisk blog. The post takes you from a minimally installed Ubuntu 9.10 up to the point that you can run the tests in the test suite by going through all the possible errors you might encounter getting it loaded, and how to resolve those errors (most of them being missing dependencies). Enjoy! http://blogs.asterisk.org/2010/04/29/installing-the-asterisk-test-suite/

Long-term 'shopping list' helps couple furnish Caledon townhouse

Recently, @jenspeedy of http://www.yourhome.ca interviewed my fiancée and I about our recently purchased townhouse in Caledon after our designer @melissadavis of http://www.melissadavis.ca and http://www.designerfriend.ca recommended she speak to us. Danielle (my fiancée) and I had a pretty good idea about the items we wanted for our new townhouse build, but were looking for a designer to make sure we didn’t get too far off track, and to steer us into the direction we ultimately wanted to achieve, while not breaking the bank (i. Read On →

Recent SIP Attacks from Amazon EC2

Recently (over the weekend and continuing into today) there have been several attacks from Amazon EC2 hosts running scanners looking for open SIP accounts. I’ve gathered a couple of links that I think are useful in knowing more about the attacks, along with methods of stopping the attacks. The Joshua Stein blog has a very clever way of stopping the attacks that impressed me. http://jcs.org/notaweblog/2010/04/11/properly_stopping_a_sip_flood http://www.voiptechchat.com/voip/457/amazon-ec2-sip-brute-force-attacks-on-rise/ http://www.stuartsheldon.org/blog/2010/04/sip-brute-force-attack-originating-from-amazon-ec2-hosts/ Update (2010/04/18): It seems the story has made it at least as far as Slashdot now. Read On →

Using a Nokia E71 with Asterisk (3G or WiFi)

There was some talk in one of the IRC chat rooms today about someone trying to get their E61i working with Asterisk. I haven’t had an issue getting that phone or my E71 phone working, but regardless he was having issues. I figured I might as well spend a little bit of time today going through my configuration, both for my own reference, and so that other people can get their Nokia’s setup with Asterisk as well. Read On →

Speaking @ IT360, April 7th, 2010

I will be speaking again at the IT360 conference in Toronto, ON, Canada in the Asterisk & Open Telephony portion of the conference. IT360 is on April 7 this year (2010) being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I will be speaking on the Super Panel – Enterprise Use, Security, Virtual Hosting, Mobility & More along with John Todd, Kevin Fleming, Steve Sokol, and others. My primary focus will likely be on the large scale call centre implementations I’ve done, along with clustering, database integration, and distributed information. Read On →

AstriCon 2010 officially announced; What should I submit for a talk proposal?!

So AstriCon 2010 has been officially announced (although the information for where and when it was going to be held has been on the http://www.astricon.net site for a bit now – perhaps contracts have been signed now?), and they are soliciting for speaker topics due for May 1st. I’ve either attended, spoken, or assisted with every AstriCon since 2004 (the first one!) and I’m looking forward to submitting another talk for this year. Read On →

New headset thanks to e4voip.com!

Just got my new Plantronics headset from http://www.e4voip.com (or rather, the hardware store at http://www.8774e4voip.com/) and am extremely satisfied with the service. We had an issue with Purolator not wanting to deliver to the building and then not bothering to call me to let me know the address was incorrect. By the time I noticed and got the address corrected, they just decided to send back the package. So after letting the guys at e4VoIP know what happened, they just drop shipped a headset via FedEx overnight and I had it by lunch the next day! Read On →

Musings about ENUMplus and ISNs

Recently I’ve been playing around with a couple of technologies that I haven’t used in quite a while; ENUM and ISN. First, a little information on what these technologies are about. ISNs and ITADs First, lets talk about ISN (ITAD Subscriber Number) and ITAD (Internet Telephony Administrative Domain). I think the http://www.freenum.org website does a good job of succinctly describing the problem attempting to be addressed: “The Freenum/ISN system is 12-digit-keypad (telephone handset) friendly method of providing mapping between users. Read On →

Update on TFoT v3 Progress

Just another quick update on the progress of the 3rd edition of the Asterisk book. It’s been a bit slow coming, but Jim and I have renewed vigor and vigilance to be productive and get things done. Since the last update, there was a period of time where nothing got done unfortunately. We did get a lot done in the week off I took to focus on the book (I think we ended up writing about 2-3 new chapters, and updated a lot of the old ones), but then of course work got in the way. Read On →