AstriCon 2010 officially announced; What should I submit for a talk proposal?!

So AstriCon 2010 has been officially announced (although the information for where and when it was going to be held has been on the site for a bit now – perhaps contracts have been signed now?), and they are soliciting for speaker topics due for May 1st. I’ve either attended, spoken, or assisted with every AstriCon since 2004 (the first one!) and I’m looking forward to submitting another talk for this year.

Here is the official AstriCon announcement.

Previously I’ve generally spoken about technologies such as DUNDi, func_odbc, distributed Asterisk systems, and call centres. All of these topics have been well attended (and you can find links to previous talks at

So I’m asking for some ideas for talks that I could give. I generally dabble in the realm of database integration and call centres, but if there is a particular topic you’re looking for specifically I have enough time to research, lab up, and create several slides on probably nearly any topic in Asterisk.

Bring forth your ideas for AstriCon 2010 talks in the comments, and I hope to see you at my presentation!