Speaking at AstriCon 2010! Come see my talk! :)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. We’ve been hard at work on the next version of the Asterisk book, which is shaping up to be the best book ever written on Asterisk. The scope and detail we’re working towards is ambitious, but will be very much worth it. Of course the book will be focused on the upcoming Asterisk 1.8 releases (which was recently branched and betas are now available for testing!).

My talk this year at AstriCon will be “5 Things You Didn’t Know Asterisk Could Do” which is really an update on various new features in Asterisk 1.8 which you may or may not be aware of. Where possible (time permitting) I’ll be showing configuration setups for the options, or at least give you the overview of the features, what it can and can not do, along with links to some documentation. If I get really ambitious I might create blog posts covering all the features that I can then point back to after the talk!

So far, it looks like I’ll be talking at 1:45pm on October 27th, 2010 (which appears to be immediately after lunch… I’ll have to be peppy to wake people up from their food comas!). The Agenda-at-a-Glance has been updated, and you can see me on the 27th:  http://www.astricon.net/agendaAtaGlance.aspx

AstriCon is always a great time with some very intelligent people, and I always learn something new each year. I’ve been to several different conferences, and this is probably one of the best balanced conferences in terms of sales vs. technical. If you’re into technical talks, but enjoy the polish that a conference with sales booths provides, you’re really going to enjoy AstriCon. I’ve been participating since 2004 and have never missed a conference. Can’t say that about any of the other conferences I’ve attended before.