Building Queues with Asterisk

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve update my blog. Well, lets do that! :) I’ve just posted some documentation to the Asterisk issue tracker for review. It’s about building queues with Asterisk. It is the start of probably 2 or 3 sets of documentation on building queues with Asterisk that I’ll be submitting. You can find the documentation here for now: This documentation will likely be merged into core Asterisk at some point in the near future (doc/ subdirectory of your Asterisk source) and likely posted on http://blogs. Read On →

AstriCon 2009, Building a Distributed Call Center

Every year that AstriCon has existed, I have presented or at least helped organize, and this year is no exception. I will be presenting on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 from 10:00am to 10:35am in the Carrier/Call Center track. I will be the first presenter of the day hoping to give you lots of information about using Asterisk as a call center platform. More information about my talk is here: Read On →

Ask the Expert!

_UPDATE (October 7, 2009): This post didn’t quite generate the type of questions I was hoping for, and because of that I’m not able to generate a knowledgeable and informed response that would be overtly useful. However, I will leave this topic open for the next little while in the hopes some more questions can be generated. It is entirely possible I haven’t been specific enough in my request for the type of questions I’d like to answer, so here goes. Read On →

Creating vCards with QR Codes

Recently I’ve been noticing a lot more use of QR codes around the internet. A QR code is those 2D matrices that look like a bar code, but aren’t just the ordinary vertical lines that you would see on your box of cereal. These are a box that contain pixels that have been coded to contain information about pretty much anything. I’ve been seeing some people using them for contact information, web links, and pretty much anything you can think of to distribute information. Read On →

Consuming SOAP complexType webservice with PHP

I recently had a client request that I communicate with a webservice via SOAP in order to do some credit card authorization for an Asterisk project they were implementing. After a couple of days of reading several posts I found via Google (which funny enough weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but gave me JUST enough information to finally start putting it all together), I had something that worked. Read On →

Suzanne Bowen Interviews Leif Madsen, Asterisk Rockstar

Today I had the privilege to be interviewed by Suzanne Bowen of DIDX. You can find the interview at Hope you enjoy! Here is a description of the interview: “Truth is that I “met” the authors of the book “Asterisk, the Future of Telephony” when I was an English teacher and had volunteered over email to help edit the documentation. It was a joy to interview Leif Madsen. The Asterisk rockstar* shares with us the history of how he became interested in voice, telephony, Asterisk and open source. Read On →

Load testing SIP registrations with SIPp

Today I had a need to go and load a bunch of registrations into Asterisk for a bug I was working on. Since I’ve had this need a couple of times now, and I keep going and having to redevelop it, I think I’ll just write about it here, and then when I need it again, I can just look it up. Maybe this will be useful for someone else as well. Read On →

Importing Master.csv into MySQL CDR table

Edit: I have updated the original post, which contained ‘custom’ field name in the database instead of ‘userfield’ which is a field Asterisk-Stat uses. Edit2: Updated the field from ‘amaflag’ to ‘amaflags’ thanks to Justin. Edit3: Updated the script based on feedback from Mads Peter Nielsen and Gabriel. Thanks! Today I had a client that had a need to run some statistical analysis on their data, but since they didn’t have anything like that developed, I had to go on a search to find them something. Read On →

Quote: Barry L. Beyerstein, "The Brain and Consciousness: Implications for Psi Phenomena", The Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. XII No. 2, ppg. 163-171

Prevalent beliefs that knowledge can be tapped from previous incarnations or from a “universal mind” (the repository of all past wisdom and creativity) not only are implausible but also unfairly demean the stunning achievements of individual human brains.

Issues: ast_rtp_senddigit_begin: Don't know how to represent 'f' (one way audio)

I keep seeing questions like this recently on the mailing list and in the #asterisk IRC channel. “ast_rtp_senddigit_begin: Don’t know how to represent ‘f’ shows up on the console then I get one way audio… *, wanpipe, zaptel, libpri 1.4.7…. any suggestions?” I forget who originally said how to fix it (it was in a mailing list thread that I can’t find right now…), but basically the answer to resolve it was to disable the DTMF detection in the wanpipe driver. Read On →