Manually mixing files created by MixMonitor()

So last night I did a system update between 11:30pm and 5:00am. One of the things I forgot to do when I was moving to the new system was to install sox so that MixMonitor() could mix the -in and -out files automatically for me. I still had the recordings, but I needed to get them mixed. I first installed sox so that all new recorded files would be mixed for me. Read On →

New website!

So I finally got around to converting my very old, very outdated, and very difficult to update website to Drupal from standard HTML. You can check it out at – I’ll probably be adding some additional content over the coming weeks, but for now, it’s basically just a straight up conversion from the old site with the existing information.

New articles coming soon!

I have vowed to try and write at least ONE article per week on my blog, even if it is quite short. I’m not sure I will be able to get to write an article this week due to some pressing consulting issues, but I’m still gonna try. If anything, I’m going to cheat and say this is my post for this week. How about I make a rule that says I can only cheat once per month? Read On →

Leif Madsen @ IT360, April 2009

Here are the 5 parts of my presentation at IT360 in Toronto, ON, Canada in April 2009. The focus of my presentation were to pick 5 features of Asterisk that are either new, or have been in Asterisk for a while, but without much fan-fare. I hope you enjoy! Leif Madsen @ IT360 (April 2009), Unusual Uses: What you didn’t know your Asterisk system could do (parts 1-5)

About the new Asterisk versioning method

Recently I have been seeing more and more questions about how Asterisk is being released now, and what the 1.6.x versions really mean. I’ll try and clear up some of your questions and make it more clear as to how Asterisk versions work. First, lets talk about the Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 branches. Previous release methodology When we just had Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4, all new development was carried out in trunk (it still is) and only bug fixes went into the 1. Read On →

The end of the beginning?

This is probably my fourth or fifth time attempting to setup a blog. Everytime I finally get something going, then either a server crashes, or some other catatrophic event that causes me to start all over again happens. So this time I’m going to use the site to keep my blog entirely separate of where I’m hosting my site. Hopefully this time I’ll actually be able to not focus so much on administering the site, but rather spend the time actually writing! Read On →