Ask the Expert!

_UPDATE (October 7, 2009):

This post didn’t quite generate the type of questions I was hoping for, and because of that I’m not able to generate a knowledgeable and informed response that would be overtly useful. However, I will leave this topic open for the next little while in the hopes some more questions can be generated. It is entirely possible I haven’t been specific enough in my request for the type of questions I’d like to answer, so here goes.

I’m looking for questions related to Asterisk implementation issues, specifically related to problems in the dialplan or /etc/asterisk configuration. For example, a good question might be proposed as;

“I have a call center solution I’m building, and I’ve been unable to get the member status to be consistently accurate. Here are the relevant parts of my configuration currently, and the console output of my mostly correct but inaccurate status. Thanks!”

Hopefully this helps to clear up any confusion I may have generated by the generally asked topic of Ask the Expert, and will lead to better questions and a fruitful article in the future. Thanks! _

I figured that due to my limited time to write blog posts, and my intent to try and write at least one blog post a week, I’d do a simple “Ask the Expert” type of article. I’ll take 5 of your questions and answer them in a blog post later this week (hopefully on Thursday). So if you have some particular problem you’re trying to get solved, or have a question about implementation, now would be a a great time to get the answer you’re looking for.

Ideally you’ll ask questions related to Asterisk :) I tend to specialize in queues and database integration, so those are the realms you’ll probably get the most indepth answer. Or if you just have a problem you’re trying to solve in dialplan that you can’t quite get to work, let me know, as I love creating clever dialplans.