yakLab build out

Edit 2017-08-09: Updated diagram 1-1 to a graphic showing the entire lab physical topology

The yakLab is a place where yaks are electronically instantiated for the purpose of learning and documenting. The lab consists of a virtualization host (virthost) which has 64GB of memory and hosts all the virtual machines, primarily for infrastructure.

We then have 3 mini-ITX based baremetal nodes with 16GB of memory, 110GB hard drive (single disk, SSD), with a quad-core CPU. The processing power of these machines is quite low compared to modern day machines, but they consume a relatively small amount of electricity, and don’t make a lot of noise (the CPU is fanless).

Here is a physical overview of the lab.

Image 1-1: yakLab Physical Topology

Infrastructure build out episodes

In the yakLab build out, we’ll talk about several of the infrastructure build out scenes, including:

(NOTE I’ll update the list below with links to articles as they become available.)