LeifMadsen Enterprises, Inc. enters its 7th year of operation!

On this day in 2005, LeifMadsen Enterprises, Inc. was formally registered as an incorporation by the government of Canada! I’ve now been consulting on Asterisk professionally for over 6 years full time (and a few years before that!). I graduated from the telecommuncations technology program at Sheridan Institute of Technology in 2004. In that time I’ve spoken at every AstriCon since 2004 (the first one), and have helped write 4 books on the subject of Asterisk (The Future of Telephony 1st, 2nd editions, The Definitive Guide 3rd edition, Cookbook). I’m quite proud of the work I have done, and the future is looking bright. The next year in business should be very exciting with some projects currently underway that will allow me to expand my business and start managing more clients with an even higher quality of service. Here’s looking forward to year seven! (And subsequently, seven is my lucky number, and the day of January on which I was born.)