Update on TFoT v3 Progress

Just another quick update on the progress of the 3rd edition of the Asterisk book. It’s been a bit slow coming, but Jim and I have renewed vigor and vigilance to be productive and get things done. Since the last update, there was a period of time where nothing got done unfortunately. We did get a lot done in the week off I took to focus on the book (I think we ended up writing about 2-3 new chapters, and updated a lot of the old ones), but then of course work got in the way.

This has really been the problem the whole time, or else we’d be working on the 4th edition at this point. So instead of dreaming about having more time to work on the book, and for that time to be allocated all chaotic and patchy, we’ve come up with a new method. Each morning we’re getting together for an hour between 8am and 9am where the amount of distractions is low, and the amount of energy is high. This way, we can get in a good 5 hours each week on the book, plus any additional time either of us is able to work on it separately.

It may not be the quickest way to get a book done, but we both have worked well in the past together on the other two editions and have always gotten lots accomplished, so we’re going to try this method out for a couple months and see how it goes. After a week of using it and not missing any time we’ve already gotten through 3 chapters of review and additional content. The method seems to be working, and is giving us some renewed energy to keep plugging away, hoping to have the book ready to launch along with Asterisk 1.8.0.

More information to come in the coming months.